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Thread: what happened

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    what happened

    I used to be a regular daily poster and reader on this board. I left about August of 2004 due to reasons regarding changes in jobs and so on. I just recently started to find time to hit this site back up and indulge in the wealth of knowledge stored here. However, as I started to read threads and posts I was slightly discouraged and what was being posted. People were automatically making fun of or ripping apart other people. It is a shame because so many young people come on these boards to learn and advance their computing knowledge. True, there are also alot of little asses that come and post stuff like "how do I hack hotmail," and such. None the less it seems as though we have forgotten why we are all here. Learn from others and advance our knowledge of computing. I hope this helps or inspires some people.

    By the way I am ******* just like everyone else and I am not pretending to be any better. However, I would want people to be inviting to me if I was trying to learn something new!

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    I'll politely disagree.

    I think AO has been on pretty good behavior, lately....and for quite a while, too. I haven't seen many flames and members have even been pretty tolerant of newbies asking dumb questions.

    Maybe it's all just perspective.

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