Does anyone know where I can get a market/industry standard or typical rates for computer services.

A friend of mine wants to start a computer business and needs to have an idea as to what to charge for services.

A list of the services he want to offer are:
Digital Photography (developing/taking/restoration/corrections etc.)
Stationary Creation (Flyers, posters, business cards, event programmes etc.)
Graphic Design (Logos, T-shirt graphics etc.)
Website Design
Custom Programming and Application Development (Small Database Systems, Accounting Sheets:Excel etc.)
Point of Sales System Installs (includes training etc.)
Computer Repair (Hardware, software, antivirus/spyware)
And of course Training (Basic Internet Skills, Networking

Customers will be homes users and very small businesses.

I know the cost and prices vary in different areas and special regards to quality but I want to get a general idea of what people charge for these services in their areas.
Business will be based in Florida and The Bahamas.

Btw, |3lack|ce why did you get out of the business and what do you do now? If you don't mind me asking.