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    “My MSN contact list has about 140 people on it whose emails would be highly difficult to remember”
    “email your friends with your new address”
    may not be 100% possible for his option. Unless he uses e-mail client program (i.e. Outlook, Incredimail), he could retrieve such e-mail addresses.

    Just to add a handy tip, in the future, you have to keep your e-mail contact list in a separate file, like a TXT FILE or something (so, in case of emergency, you will still have it, it saved me time, it could save yours too). For PASSWORDS, you have to be sure to change it in a regular basis. And for SECURITY REASONS, in public computers and/or Internet café, I am always checking for malicious programs running like key loggers and such, trying my best I guess, well that’s just me.

    BTW, in line with the subject, my friend’s YAHOO! Account had the similar problem; his PASSWORD had been changed, but cannot reset it because of S-2-P-D-T (he forgot his magic A to the MAGIC Q).

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    Try to see if you can get the guy to send you an email. If you can, you'll have his IP and from there, you can report to his ISP and go on...

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    As I claimed, I know absolutely nothing about internet security. Live and learn.
    What makes you think anybody cares much? The tutorials here are crap and to be honest its pretty sad when im probably the only smart person on this usenet group. I mean, just look at some of these awsome responses, man!

    Try to see if you can get the guy to send you an email. If you can, you'll have his IP and from there, you can report to his ISP and go on...
    Ha... errr right. Good one!

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    Tiger, I think the point is he doesn't remember their emails and such...he's been in communicado since this happened.

    Kyle, I think Tiger Shark is right...create a new account. As for recovering names and email addresses, if you still have MSN installed, you may find a lot of that info cached or logged in the Messenger application folders. There are a few other threads here on pulling info from your IM application folders, I believe.

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