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Thread: needs help in linux

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    needs help in linux

    I have loaded fedora linux 10 on my system but i cant play mp3 songs in the enbuild player of linux .please tell how it is possible
    and tell some software sites to download linux software

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    no sleep in 46 hours, this is what i can remember on top of my head right now.

    Good night
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    Does your sound work at all ?
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    Fedora 10, eh? That's quite the advance release.

    - A linux package collection (somewhat based around Slackware, but don't let that stop ya).

    - Though not really a 'software download' site, it's today's mecca of Open Source projects and you'll find alot of interesting (and free OpenSource) software and projects here.

    XFCE Desktop Enviroment
    - The XFCE GUI.. a somewhat newer lightweight, fast, and stable desktop enviroment.

    XFCE Goodies
    - Some custom-tailored packages for the XFCE Desktop Enviroment.

    Also, with Fedora you can use 'yum' to easily upgrade and download software (including kernels) supported by the Fedora Project.

    Look here for your MP3 fix.
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