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Thread: industry composition for security domain

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    industry composition for security domain

    There are tools and then there are services

    What is the market composition ?

    Anti Virus


    Firewall Products

    Application Gateways


    Application Security Testing Tools/Services

    What else ? Is there any big diagram that shows the market picture ?

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    CSI/FBI Security Survey might show you some of that. It won't say show you which specific firewalls but will show you how many companies are using what.

    Other than that, as far as specific market diagram (as in who's using Cisco Pix, Checkpoint Firewall-1, etc.) I don't think I've ever seen a breakdown like that.
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    SANS put's out a 'roadmap to security' (I think they call it that) every year. It covers a lot of ground regarding vendors and their 'What Works' group of products. You can probably see an image of it...it's a full color poster they mail out to students and contributors... http://www.sans.org

    As for the list, there are a lot more things to look at:
    Forensic investigation/recovery tools
    Encryption (email, file, data archiving/storage)

    This roadmap from SANS is the closest to a big picture you're going to find, I think.
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