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Thread: Use Lynx, go to jail ?

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    Use Lynx, go to jail ?


    Guess now that I think about it, its not that funny, its just....sad. Also, don't know how much stock to put on its truth.
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    Ok. That's seriously wrong. That shows a lack of investigation by both the police and the site operator.
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    I read that yesterday.. really really sick !!

    Hey, that's a weird USER_AGENT.. lynx must be some terrorist.. Let's go get 'm boys..
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    Hmm, LAWSUIT!

    With Lawyers today this should be easy to get some cash for the stress it causes. Not to mention the first time for someone getting a refund on bail.

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    This just goes to show you the lack of understanding and preparedness on the part of Law Enforcement.

    Everyone's always so resistant to change, and they don't want to take the time and/or resources to train their officers how to deals with situations like these, and the whole department ends up with egg on its face.
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    Yeah, lawsuit. BT is the big loser there. The police should know better, and there's probably some sort of reprecussions they should suffer, but c'mon, we almost expect the coppers to be technically inept, 'cept for the specialists. But BT...they are supposed to be a big techie company, eh?
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    Aye, I would be more worried about the administrators of the donation site incorrectly reading the logs than the police wrongly arresting the guy. I mean, sure it's bad that the police arrested the guy, but then again, you don't necessarily expect them to have instant access to people who could analyze the logs. But the site admins on the other hand, what the f*** were they playing at? How does someone who can't interpret something so simple get to be the admin of a site that's handling millions of pounds worth of money?

    ffs, I know absolutely nothing about site administration, but I probably could have figured out that this wasn't a hack attempt. (don't quote me on that :P). If I was that guy, I'd be getting plenty of money out of everyone I could for this. And not because I care about money that much, but because it's just about the only way that he can get some sort of revenge; something that I normally wouldn't think about, but in this case, what else could he do? At least if he sues the **** out of BT and the cops, he can get a whole load of media coverage that'll give them bad press.


    (I apologise if the above post doesn't seem to lucid, I'm fairly tired)

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    I wish I were the guy....................I would be looking at real estate in the West Indies right now.

    Well we have illegal entry, wrongful arrest, misinprisonment, threatening with firearms (common assault).....................the list grows..................

    1. BT...............got to be able to do them for at least a seven figure sum. And depending upon how they acted, have their ISP licence revoked.................

    2. police should check accusations before acting on them, and should obtain advice if they don't understand. They can be sued for gross dereliction of duty etc.

    3. The Chief Constable or District Commander will be up for summary dismissal, no pension, no compensation. Failure to control his/her area of responsibility.

    4. If anyone tried to use the anti-terrorism act, then we have conspiracy to pervert, and several offences against the police act. You see, you cannot call in SO 19 for a misuse of computers act offence.

    5. Charity...............struck off and all officials forbidden to involve themselves in a managerial role in charities for the rest of their lives.

    6. The Richard Cranium Esquire who read the logs...............civil case for inconvenience, trauma etc..............he is now unemployable..............take him to court just to get his name and picture in the paper.

    7. And whoever involved SO19 in a case like this needs to be instantly dismissed. In fact SO19 should be disbanded, their officer should have checked the facts..................anything real, and we use the SAS

    8. And I almost forgot the Magistrate who signed the warrant.................struck off.............incompetent to discharge his/her duties?

    I will print that article out and fire "Scoop" at it tomorrow..............no reason why a "gutter press freelance" shouldnt make a few big ones out of it

    Very interesting

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    Can someone show me a typical log entry for lynx connecting to a web site.... I'd be interested to see what the worry was all about.....
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    Set up a Web Server and I'll go to it in Links and in Lynx. Actually you have SUSE, just open an Xterm and type links or lynx and g for go to a web page and type in one. Whatever works for you dawg

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