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Thread: Help needed for tracing added/removed programs in the Registry.

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    Windows Washer

    I think that Windows Washer might do the work on your behalf. It removes all the unnecessary files that may run over your OS.

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    hi opeth

    Window Washer is a good program but it doesn't support FireFox and most of the Features
    in the program can be done with ohter programs I already have .
    for the registry I have RegSeeker

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    Hi coolcamel,

    I think that I understand your question now.................strictly speaking, if you install software and it is registered then you get a registry entry. However a lot of software does not require this process, so there is absolutely no indication in the registry that it was ever on the machine.

    Similarly, if registered software is uninstalled PROPERLY, then the registry entries will also be removed, and there will be no evidence left.

    I am inclined to agree with valhallen's suggestion that you need systems monitoring software.

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    hi nihil

    ..... that you need systems monitoring software

    yes for the future, but i dont know is the systems monitoring software can trace the old added/removed progs. ?

    any way thanx nihil.

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