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    Expert Advice

    Before I download and install these I need you to tell me what you think of them, and what ones you would download onto a single home computer...they all come off this site...


    which I've posted elsewhere in answer to a question...they are also all Freeware. My system is Windows 2000 Pro...80GB with 93% free space and 384MB Ram.

    Prevx Home
    TeakNowRegCleaner 2.0
    a2 (a-squared )1.0
    Cryptainer LE
    Clean RAM
    Smart Buster
    Active CPU
    Emsa Disk Check
    inst IsUsedBy
    Systemonieter PE
    Vilma Registry Explorer
    Kill Process
    Tech-Pro Utilities

    Thanks, in advance...and I hope this post and the site helps others with their downloads. This one site seems to have virtually any download you will ever need.

    [edit]another site that might be of interest:

    SnapFiles - download freeware and shareware software programs.


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    Most of the programs there, personaly I would only download if I was having a problem with something and a specific program would help.

    ie, if I didnt have a great deal of memory installed I would proberbly download CleanRAM to help keep my system running smoothly etc.

    Too many programs like this running in the background can have the opposite effect and slow up a system by consuming too many resources.

    The site you link to is a good find though!
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