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Thread: Xp Problem(yet again)

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    Xp Problem(yet again)

    Hello Im Richard and I've been working with XP systems since they first were released and have done thousands of repairs to the XP operating system, but yet this problem has me completly stumped and I was hoping someone here could help me out. Heres the problem--

    Okay the guy reboots his system and it switchs over to the 98 theme so he trys to go change it back to xp, cant. So he trys to open up a program, doesnt work. So trys to get on the internet to read up on it. Can't do that either. Finaly out of desperation he trys to restore his system to a later time useing the Defualt xp restore utily, Can't becuase he doesnt have any restore points now. I've looked at the services thinking it might be one of those, its all reads up clean. I look at the Start up prog list, clean(besides a few spy bots). If you have a clue as to wats going on plz give me a hollar @ gamerfreak101@adelphia.net.

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    and what don't you want to share the solution with others?

    what have you done sofar to isolate the problem?
    have you examined the System.ini and Win.ini files for unusual entries
    What virus scans have you done..?
    what Parasite removal have you attempted and what "few spybots" are we looking at?

    and when you say "switches to 98 theme" I am assuming it is the XP Classic them you refer.. not a full blowen win98 Theme

    and how about un-hidding your post huh?
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