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Thread: help me

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    help me

    i got stuck with this virus TROJ_ADPOWER.B but unable to clean it and querentine it how could i get rid of this.
    help me please
    virus detected bu PC-CILLIN
    under MY user setings/ temporary internet files/
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    Delete it in safe mode.....
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    You may donwload a CCleaner

    Then you need to open Windows Explorer and:-
    1. Select "Tools" from the menu on top.
    2. Select "Folder Options".
    3. Select the "View" tab.
    4. Scroll down and Select "Show hidden files and folders".
    5. Unselect "Hide extentions for known file types".
    6. Unselect "Hide protected operating system files".
    7. If you get a "warning" prompt, say yes you want to do it anyway.
    8. Click Apply and Ok.

    Or Finally,
    Delete the file under the safe mode...
    Here is a tutorial for running the safe mode Click Here

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