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You might be right! But dont' you think that having the very baisc information about technology might help the judges to make more informed decisions.

I still think that in cases that conatins Digital Evidences should be lead by judges who know some, not necessarily copmuter gurues, baiscs. Just to aviod bias or misinformed judgments.
I agree completely. I just don't think it is realistic to expect it to be a priority in our court systems anytime soon. You'll see certain people who have worked the cases have a better understanding, and the judges who sit in the divisions who handle these classes of crimes will pick it up, but I don't see any concerted effort being made to educate them. Prosecutors, yes, the DAs office's must do this if they are to keep up withe increasing load of cases in this arena (if they want to win the trials, that is).

I just don't see it being a sweeping change anytime soon. Much to my dismay...