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Thread: 'Thiefproof' car key cracked

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    'Thiefproof' car key cracked


    I've always been leery of speed pass and pay at the pump stuff. I always try to pay cash for gas as a lot of scams seem to originate from gas stations.
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    Awesome! Great article...
    The algorithm used in TI's DST tags is an unpublished, proprietary cipher that uses a 40-bit key.
    Cryptanalysts have been saying for a LONG time that unpubished and proprietary algorithms are dangerous. 'Many hands make light work' and 'many eyes make safer code' rings true.

    TI will likely get their asses sued off if someone loses out big time because of this. In fact, I bet their legal team assembly factory is hard at work, stamping out lawyers to mitigate the effects of this error already.
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    'car code' ? woot? RFID is becom'n' the best way to CONTROL people in all their actions.
    FIGHT RFID in any way at any place if you are able to.
    not joking.
    this is the rebirth of your real big brother.
    arm yourself with a receiver(detector) , explore "clients" by using your own brother, find it in your shoes, your jacket or at your whatever.

    i do not care about encryption .but people.
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    Hey stanger,

    Repost ya Link... cant find the page you pointed to on http://www.stoprfid.com/

    but you may just need to get that foil hat back on quick... or my Wirless lan transmissions may get you caught in the middle of a UT deathmatch..
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    I didn't know about this technology (i don't think that's in use here in Europe) but it's kind of scary thing....

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    Originally posted here by DerekK
    I didn't know about this technology (i don't think that's in use here in Europe) but it's kind of scary thing....
    I think they use technology not unlike this on some toll-roads in Germany,
    mostly for lorries (iirc).
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