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    Exclamation terminal services

    hello people

    I was wondering if anybody can give me some tips on how to run a terminal service client that does not have a hard disk drive. i want to manage my windows 2000 advance server through a diskless client.

    I already have a windows 98 client accessing it.
    it's just a little project am working on. but i want to go to the next level.
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    I think that would involve BOOTP ?

    Giving the client an IP, then giving it a file to boot from, maybe use a shite OS (win9x) with TS client auto running ?
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    If you have CD drives on the computers, you could always have the computers boot up from CD, with BartPE for example, or any other bootable Linux CD with Remote Desktop Client included and connect from there! Also a nice way to connect from somebody elses computer without leaving any "tracks"!

    Hope that works?!

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