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Thread: IBM netfinity 5600 questions

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    IBM netfinity 5600 questions

    hello all

    recently i have aquired a server...old IBM netfinity 5600

    i have looked around for some specs and have aquired some but i have no real experience with servers...i know there fundmentaly just computers but what would be the differecne between a home machine and this

    i will be installing a version of linux or bsd, which i have not decided

    general questions

    what do i need to know to maintain a server correctly
    what parts would you recomend compared to standard home machine parts
    what versions of linux would you reccomend to install

    last question

    it has dual slot processors, 1 P3 and a slot filler....could i put another P3 slot processor or a P2 slot processer in and have it work or is there a specific type of processor i have to find...and could i put Xeon slot processors in here....

    when it comes to servers im kinda clueless....so i really dont want to do anything and kill this....yes it was free so im not out any money...but im out a potentialy good machine

    thank you all for your time
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    You would need to put in a CPU that matches what is in there already.

    Are you planning on running it as a real server or are you just going to use it to play around?
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