netbus installation problems
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Thread: netbus installation problems

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    netbus installation problems

    hello everyone,
    i faced a problem while installing the latest version of netbus on windows xp.
    after downloading the file and installing it, when i try to open it it gives an error message
    "windows cannot access the specified device,path or may not have appropriate permissions to access the item."
    i tried google on the issue and this is what they came up with.

    all the pages reffered to adminsitrative problems. i am the administrator and this cannot happen.

    this problem has also appeared with subseven 2.1.5 on installation.
    does windows xp have an inbuilt scheme to prevent running trojans.
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    How the heck did this post escape the negative AP radar? DIE!
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    Tipu: Is it your box or have you escalated your privs to an admin account?
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