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Thread: DeepFreeze

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    I am only a little familiar with deepfreeze, but what happens when your 60 day trial is over? pending that your "friend" didn't "fix" that part of it....like any chance it will give you the option to remove it after the 60 days? If your shite is that important, maybe thats an option?
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    Need to unfreeze Deep Freeze? Go to


    This guy found a way to do it! It works for XP/2K/9X and doesn't need to boot from floppy or CD.

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    Thanks..... but with all of the Negative posts everyone gave me... I got banned.... that waz before you all ran me under the ground.... and I resolved the problem... merly boot the computer up using an old 98 or DOS boot-up disk...... mount it... AKA ntfspro.... then delete.. or replace the deepfrz.sys or deepfreeze.sys in \windows\system32\drivers ..... the simplest way possible... after hours of trial and error... I managed.... if this forum had not 'banned' me... your comments would have helped... I managed to take down Deepfreeze on my computer... and I tried to make it sound as if I were a newb... and tried not to sound like I waz trying something illegal so that you all wouldnt ban me..... but thanks alot..... I managed to get around DeepFreeze on multiple school computer an have alittle fun.... and the version I waz talking about.. I stole from my school.... that actually came with a preset password... thats interesting... peace

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    Talking Emiliano Scavuzzo Did It

    A computer programmer in Argentina, Emiliano Scavuzzo, has written a program to thaw Deep Freeze without knowing the password. It works on almost ALL versions of Deep Freeze, even the latest version, v5.60.120.1347, which just came out yesterday (10-20-2005) to supposedly be immune to his program. It's not! You can download "Deep Unfreezer" here:

    Deep Freeze Unfreezer

    First you must acquire DebugPrivileges (removed by Deep Freeze) by escalating to NT_AUTHORITY (the System account) using Task Scheduler from the command line:

    1) at 11:23pm /interactive taskmgr.exe (substitute the correct time)
    2) End Task explorer.exe
    3) File / New Task (Run...) explorer.exe to launch explorer shell under the system account which has Debug Privileges
    4) Run Deep Unfreezer from the System account

    OR, use ntrights.exe from the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit, a free download, http://tinyurl.com/6p6cy to grant yourself the SeDebugPrivilege.
    Syntax: ntrights -u Users +r SeDebugPrivilege
    If you use ntrights, you must logoff and logon again.

    Then run Deep Unfreezer, View Status, click on the status you want, Save Status, and restart the machine. Voila!! THAWED.

    A similar technique can be used to remove Deep Freeze Evaluation version by forwarding the date on a machine past 60-days which will expire Deep Freeze, causing it to restart in thawed mode and allowing uninstall. Here's how:

    1) Switch to the System account, as described above
    2) Double-click the time in the system tray
    3) Forward the date past 60-days
    4) Restart in thawed mode
    5) Use a DeepFreezeSTDEval.exe to uninstall Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze is not uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs. It is uninstalled with the installation file, and ONLY with an installation file. Yes, the same file is used to install and uninstall. If you don't have it, download it here:


    Or, use ntrights.exe from the Windows Resource Kit to grant yourself the SystemtimePrivilege.
    Syntax: ntrights -u Users +r SeSystemtimePrivilege
    You must logoff and logon again for the new privilege to be in effect.

    The vast majority of Deep Freeze installations around the world are now worthless!! Administrators can't even upgrade to an immune version!!!

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