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Thread: Truncation Problems Converting Database

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    Truncation Problems Converting Database

    Got an odd thing going on...

    Trying to convert an Access database to a text file. However, when this is done, all numbers in the database are truncated down to two decimal places, yet there are some numbers we need to have three decimal places or more. What's causing this is automatic truncation, and is there a way around it?

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    I only skimmed it.... but wtf does that have to do with an Access database?


    You need to transfer the table to a text based table within the original database and then export it.... There's another way of doing it in the export by delineating each field's properties but, IIRC, making a new table out of each that have only text fields is probably the quickest.....
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    I googled " Truncation Problems Converting Database " and that's what came up...

    I try to help out as best I can with what little I know...sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't, and I expect, if I'm wrong, to either be corrected or ignored...which is why I always say " I hope this helps "...either way I'm learning by trying to help others...

    I figure if I'm a member of this forum I should at least try to help out. If you check my posts you will see I do this quite often.

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    Depends how you are exporting the file? How many records etc

    straight to .txt???

    Try exporting to excel...then formating the cells to the decimal points you need (right click the row or column>format cells>number...set your decimal points)

    Hopefully you will see the extra values in the number cells

    save as a .csv file (comma deliminated)

    close the file...rename it to the .txt format and open.

    You should have a comma deliminated text file...with all your decimal points.

    .csv files are consider .txt files in Access (versions may very )

    Something to try

    also you could always try Crystal Reports (my most valuable tool right now)..
    hit the database for the fields you want then export again...

    hope this makes sense.....my brain is kinda wine infected

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    Heh heh...I'm glad I'm not the only one who was totally lost as to what that link had to with anything...I thought I was just clueless! Thanks for the effort in any case Egal.

    I'll try those tips out guys, thanks!

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    How are you converting the database.
    Are you using the export fuction in the menu bar or are you doing it through coding?

    What Version of Access are you using.

    I found this thread on your problem.
    Hope it helps

    Mad Beaver

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    regional settings


    The solution is somewhat "strange", because two things
    have been set in relation by Microsoft, which really is not

    Either you solve it as morganlefay suggested or
    you can do this in "one" exportation-step via ...

    changing the regional settings!

    By default, access uses the number of digits to export given by the
    number default in the regional settings.

    ControlPanel -> Regional and Language Options -> Customize -> No of digits after decimal
    Change from 2 (default) to whatever value you need.

    Sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation
    Hope you can still use it ...

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    Thanks sec!


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