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Thread: Revolution OS Movie !

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    Revolution OS Movie !

    pure is hosting 2 movies for download on his site www.pureehosting.com , Revolution OS and an Interview with Kevin Mitnick, i would post a drect link but that wouldnt be fair to him since only registered users are allowed to download, so go and register, i still have to watch both, just finished downloading them, and he said he doesnt know for how long they'll be up so hurry up and get them !

    This is the email from him:

    hanks to everyone who's been making this such a great community!

    I wanted to share this kick ass movie with you, you've gotta download it right now. If you haven't seen it, it's called Revolution OS and it pretty much discusses the beginnings of Linux and how it came to be, and it's rise to power.


    Tell me what ya think about it. Make sure to visit the site to see all the new updates. I've just added an IRC chat, Streaming News, Geo-IP Lookup tools, Proxy detecting tools, News and Video Bots,

    See you on the site.

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    for what it's worth, I agree, Revolution OS is an AWESOME movie. I got it from The Jinx after watching it in my Linux + class and it's VERY cool. Heh, I've met a few of the people in the movie and talked to them, and Richard Stallman was one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. Did you know he could program before he'd ever touched a computer? He wrote a programming language after touching one of the first time too.

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