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Thread: dead monitor???

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    dead monitor???

    hi and thnks for a quick response as usual.
    friend of mine has a 2 yrs old hp pavilion mx70 monitor.
    started to have a line coming vertically on right side of screen and now it doesnt show any sign of life.its just doesnt have power at all.
    change power cord -same.dosnt get power.
    any clues?
    any fuses?
    or gone?

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    a service tech will charge you at least 95$ aus for a simple repair:

    the problem could be as simple as a faulty solder connection to major parts.. to me it could have been either the deflection Yoke, EHT assembly.. for the cost of replacement i don't bother anymore..

    and you will find sim monitors 2nd hand for 50$ to 100$ your choice

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