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Thread: Adware-infected PCs net slimeware firms $3 a pop

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    Post Adware-infected PCs net slimeware firms $3 a pop


    Adware infections net the purveyors of slimeware software around $3 a year for each infected PC, according to estimates from anti-spyware firm Webroot Software. Using this figure and stats from its own malware auditing services, Webroot guesstimates the illicit advertising market underpinned by adware infection of home and business PCs could be worth up to $1.6bn a year.
    $1.6B that's a lot of coin. Probably nothing compared to the clean up cost.
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    That is a lot...I wonder how realistic it is, though? And yes...nothing like the cost of clearup/prevention.

    I'd like to see the respective governments of the world kick these 'purveyors of slimeware' square in the jimmy...judicially, of course. What sort of fine do you think would get their attention? $500 per infected system? Ah, **** it...take 'em out and find a tall tree. "Git a rope!"
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