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    Useless cell phone features!



    Can you imagine the poor schmuck, cheating on his better half, who doesn't take his trousers off and leaves the phone on his belt?

    "Oh baby, you're so hot"
    'C'mere big boy!'
    #Smith, is that you?!? Why the hell aren't you back from lunch yet?#

    - or worse yet, it dials home... -
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    driving down a bad road to get home.
    "My cell phone bill...$4,539 , how did i go 5,000 minites over?!?!
    I could only imagine the problems this will cause
    I\'d try to be pestimistic, but that probably wouldn\'t work.

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    OMG that phone is soo cool
    It almost reminds me of minority report with the computers that respond to hand movements.
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    "It takes a bit of practice, and in many cases it's far easier just to endure the hassle of pushing buttons."

    I think it might have been Nokia, but someone had the little LEDs that you could shake and at certain points they light up to form a word or sentence from one column. You guys know what i mean. But thats the only mod i would want on my phone....
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    "It takes a bit of practice, and in many cases it's far easier just to endure the hassle of pushing buttons."

    In modern day, it has become a keyboard. What does it matter...... its useless, money, money, money. Why don't we focus on E=MC2, so I don't have to pay for gas.

    Just for your knowledge, LED lights if you noticed last a considerable amount of time found in street lights, construction lights, alarm clocks, LCD's (which has a glass bubble, and three LED lights inside that bubble, product light [red, blue, yellow]), etc. They came out with a phone that has a back panel, you type a message, and it displays on the back side of the phone. You than motion your phone right to left (uses LED lights). LED has the longest lasting life; that puts out a fair amount of light. Granted, the reason they put it in such "important" objects.

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