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    html help

    Hello all,
    im working on becoming the new webmaster for my band. Ive got a page designed and ive run into a snag....We have a page with pictures. Im wanting to have that page setup so that when the user clicks on the picture, it opens that picture inside the frame. Thats no problem. I want the background of the page to be black (same as the rest of the page) and have the picture inside of that main frame. (ive got a horizontal rectangle on top, and a vertical rectangle on the left, and the remaining space in the middle). Is there any way, other than designing a frame for each picture (i can do, but really dont want to) that i can accomplish that? Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks all.


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    Hope these help with your problem...

    Practical Web Design - Frames and Frame Usage Explained [Design Practice]

    HTML, Website Tips at Websitetips.com - web page and web site tips,articles, helpful information and resources

    HTML tutorials, CSS tutorials, JavaScripts, web design

    all these seem to have info on designing frames in HTML and might have what you're looking for.

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    If I understand correctly, you're having troubles positioning the pictures within your pages. I think a technique called CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets) will make your life easier: You can group some directives in a class, and then assign each picture that you want to have that set of directives to that class. If you want something to change, you have to make those changes in but one place.

    If Ega's links don't help you (the last seems to have CSS tutorials) google for it: there are a zillion examples out there.
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    See these nice examples:

    Is that (better) than you want?

    A quick search will give you tons of ready-to-use dhtml scripts. No need to code them yourself, so you can focus your work more on the content (text, pictures, etc).

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