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Thread: Hacker Wars

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    Hacker Wars

    Are all the black hackers gone or are they just preparing for the next big hacker war. are any hacker wars going on today? someone update me. :]
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    Uhhhh... good bye.

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    For once I agree with you specialist...

    We are more mature here, we're not some hacker site that teaches how to hack and talk about hacking groups/clans/gangs and wars, because we don't care...
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    I don’t know the names of the many Black Hats that have Bubba as a roommate. However, I do know a multitude of folks that use their talents in a constructive manner that won't meet Bubba.
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    Zero to lamer in less than 2 posts. That has to be a record.

    I never thought I'd see something I disapproved of even more than the people who sign up to post 1 time looking for tech support, but this takes the cake. I saw the other post you bumped (that was, as MsMittens noted, 2 f***ing years old), and read your profile. Hrrm let's see.



    Skill Set
    coding/decoding,trojins,cracking passwords,programing in C

    Work Experience
    im in high school >grade 9th

    Your Current Box
    It's a 500 processer hmmm 8 mb videocard, 4gb hd no ram what soever (32mb) it really needs to be upgraded

    im a fifteen year old outcast. Im hyper most of the time, and im always serrous when it comes to programing/hacking.
    Now, what here qualifies you to be a l337 h4x0r? What's your definition of a 'hacker' anyways?

    I noticed you mentioned trojans, and I'm guessing you're talking about 'hacking' by compromising a system with a precompiled server virus/client. That, in no way, makes you a hacker. It makes you a scriptkiddie, and one using programs like sub7 or some other virus that any AV in the last 5 years deletes automatically. You said you code/decode, and mentioned the C language. I would like an example, if any can be given, of what you have done regarding anything in this language, because I doubt you could compile the simplest of 'hello world' programs without a tutorial.

    Your OS experience "98,95,unix,lunix". I assume you mean Windows 95/98. However, I doubt you have too much experience with Linux, much less Unix. It would depend on your definiton of experience. Using Gnome or KDE is not 'experience', in the way you wish it was used. Also, you can't even spell Linux so I'm sure you have no idea what it is outside of spoken word, anyways.

    Cracking passwords: this is laughable. You might brute force them with a "password cracker", but it's in no way 'cracking passwords'.

    From your other posts, I'm guessing you're wanting to be a l33t h4x0r, you want to 'hack' into other peoples computers because you can (even though you have no idea how or what you're actually doing, since all you do is get them to run a trojan/rat/whatever the hell you think it is). So you're social engineering, which is in no way considered hacking, and is one of the stupidest, most annoying things on the net today (that's if you're an active script kiddie, and hang out in IRC trying to get someone to run your l33t "game-hack").

    I'm writing all of this out of boredom, to tell you to stop being such a lamer. Smash your PC to pieces, fail a few grades, and pick on the little kids. That's how it usually ends up with your kind, because in the end, it's all your good for.
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    in case you don't know who Bubba is !
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