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Thread: Rules/requirements to post/bump old threads

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    Rules/requirements to post/bump old threads

    I did some checking and haven't found this posted anywhere, and frankly I'm surprised it hasn't come up before.

    Is it possible to require a user have a certgain number of antipoints to reply to threads that are old (6 months, 1 year, etc?) A good example is this one.

    Or perhaps, a user's antipoint rating could scale with how old of a post they could reply to before a MOD has to approve the posting for it to be updated? I know, this *should* be fairly easy with the right coding, but at the same time I realize that it could be very difficult to incorporate this into the existing site code.

    Just a thought.
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    Here is a better idea... filter out the H word or add a bonus string of characters (funny phrases & comments) each time its used so that the poster further insults 'em self. This will atleast eventually force better threads to be posted and later bumped up, well either that or we'd gain ten times the laughs. We won't have to worry as much about everyone from some kid to his 70 something year old relative who just up and decided to pick up on computers to fill in the void that is their inferiority complex. You can use a computer now big woop, that really "makes you something". No silly, not the h word... a poke'mon master!

    Think about it. It'd only force the content to move up in the world, which to me has always been in lack of. Oh wait, here is something. We could automaticly make members banned if they have the h word in their profile. Think about it... how many of these guys have it in their profile? Fixed before they ever become a problem now thats nice 'eh?

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