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Thread: NT is worse than Crack, see why

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    NT is worse than Crack, see why


    God I love these guys lol. Novell is a huge corporate company and they think this thing up. Man this is funny. I loved the line about "Sharp STABBING pain in the back" like Microsoft bent their customers over. And the NT addict lolololololol OMG he's like "I need a fix man it keeps crashing!" and the guy says "Have you tried the patch?" And he's like THEY WON'T GIVE ME ANYMORE PATCHES MAN!".

    This is like one of the best forms of marketing I've ever watched.

    Watch the end too where it shows the side effects of Linux.


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    LOL.. this is great !!!

    Best I've seen since the fake Volkswagen Polo suicide-bomber add ..
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    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.


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    Anybody know how I can get my NT disk to fit in my crack pipe?
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Quick question: is Novell still providing support for Suse 7?
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    I should become a Windows Basher like Gore... It seen every time he bash Windows, he get AP....
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    or: Does novell still suporting Netware 4.x?
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    I smell a superbowl commercial. Too bad its so long...

    Good find!
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    Anyone who bashes Winderz gets APs. That movie is hilarious though. But it doesn't make sense to keep supporting old outdated software.. but still funny. Older versions of Red Hat are no longer supported either MS. Mittens. Hmm most web sites apps require PHP 4 and later and the list goes on....but once again, still hilarious. "They promised me a pony" LOL. That is what they promised me with Clustering, a freakin pony.
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    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    Quick question: is Novell still providing support for Suse 7?
    Uhhhh they didn't even make SUSE 7. They weren't there yet. But for your answer you can buy contracts just like some Windows users do so you have a support contract for minimum 5 years. I believe thats the longest of any Linux.

    And for the "Windows bashing" if you seriously didn't laugh even once then **** off and let me know so I can add you on my ignore.

    OK I drank a Mountain Dew AMP and I'm somewhat awake now:

    So, how much did you pay for a Windows server OS? 1000? 1600? Windows Datacenter edition? Which is a lot more.

    To make this less fair for Linux:

    Windows Servers can be had for an average of 1600 dollars for the I don't need much installations. I could raise the price, God knows Microsoft loves that idea, but I won't because I want to make it more of a challenge.

    OK, so you spent 1600 dollars for one OS, this doesn't include hardware.

    For that price you could buy 4 copies of SUSE Linux Enterprise, and then save even more using Intel hardware. So if for some reason you can't get support for as long as NT, which, it must be said, was what 10 years? Well, it STILL DOESN'T COST YOU MORE because for the rice of ONE NT server, you can get 4 Enterprise Linux.

    So you could buy Novell Linux desktop which has from what I've seen a minimum 5 year support contract, and still have a lot of money left over. In fact so much money you could buy like 6 more. So buy one copy like you would of Windows and if support won't last 10, then well, buy another copy in 6 or 7 years, and you're ahead because you're completely keeping the OS fr 10 years and you have more money because it costs less.

    So you have options:

    Infection city and paying for support a lot more,


    Save 3 times the cost, get support, and have money left over for the next year's.

    And for senseless Windows bashing:

    You've obviously never read a post I've ever made. Hell I stood up for Windows 98 just last night.

    Hmmm, RedHat costs more than 3 times the price of SUSE Enterprise Server for Intel. And it's still cheaper than Windows and Mac.

    I feel like I'm talking to a wall though, the last 3 days I've gotten at from others over **** like I said just what I was quoted on. I find something hilarious, post it and at least one ****er has to be like ohhhhh I don't like that!

    Well, to bad

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