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Thread: The law of the curb

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    The law of the curb


    Sometimes a man's trash is also his treasure. So it was for Mark Hill, who was thoroughly vexed when he learned that private investigators hired by Air Canada seized his garbage and recycling bins, and reconstructed the shredded documents contained within.
    From the larger article.

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    I voted for the truck simply because this is where I feel garbage should become 'public domain'. The actual law (in the US that is) states that it becomes such when it's placed at the curb for pickup.
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    I don't know if it's ever been a law or just assumed to be...but in Canada once you put the garbage on city property for pick-up...it belongs to the municipality...but as long as it's on your property it's yours.

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    Ifit is something that nobody wants, like hazardous waste, it remains
    yours forever. They can go into a landfill years later and fine you
    for dumping nasty chemicals.

    If it is something that someone wants, like information, as soon as you put
    it at the curb, it's fair game for anyone who wants it.
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    Law or no law....if I go out in the back and find someone digging in my trash, I'll do whatever I have to to chase them down, call the police, and find out what the hell!!

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    Yeah, but by the same token, law or no law, you've got cretins who are going to take advantage of any situation, and if your trash is out there, someone's going to take advantage of it. Everything I have gets shredded, then burned in the fireplace.
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    Damn, they went so far as to piece together shredded documents. A fire place is an excellent deterent.
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