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    both IE and FireFox have pros and cons, but I think that the user is to be blamed in the first place. A Powerful weapon in an idiot's hands worths nothing, and a needle in a clever man's hands acts like a sword.

    We have to stop blaming programs. When finding Bugs or vulnerabilities only then we can blame these programs, am I right?
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    Black Cluster - Coders gave up most of their rights to blame the end (l)users when 'idiot proofing' was invented. This doesn't mean it's not a fun thing to do, it simply means that having educated, intelligent users is an ever-elusive Utopia. Gates recognized this, and took most of the computing power away from the (l)users with Windows. With each new upgrade or release of new MS software, the end user actually loses more direct control of what he can do with his computer versus the traditional command line os's.

    Unfortunately for MSIE users, Gates *still* hasn't recognized that after he took all of that power away, the responsibility fell to him to fix all his security issues as well in each and every product MS produces (yet another nearly impossible task if you're from the same old school I'm from).

    Having the hard core 'supply and demand' 'dog eat dog' business kinda mindest I have, I firmly believe that stout and serious competition will be just the trick to force Gates to get the problems fixed. This is the primary reason I use and recommend FireFox. My secondary reasons are every bit as important as the first; that some (not all) of the security issues which exist in MSIE (specifically activex but others as well) do not exist in FF, nor will they, and that FF 'blows away' MSIE in usability with tabbing, extensions, ease of use, and a host of other things MS hasn't yet considered adding to its antiquated and vulnerable browser.

    I'll end posting about FF here - it's turning into too much of a commercial and less an informative thread.
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    You cant find them with a search because they are hidden!!
    By default local settings temp internet files are hidden. In explorer click tools> folder options>view>show hidden files and folders.

    Then navigate to that directory select all and delete.
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