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Thread: w32.spybot.worm

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    my pc affected by w32.spybot.worm &
    i wanna know what could be dome

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    How do you know for sure you have this virus,a re you running antivirus software.

    Try a Trend online scan


    If you get it clean, make sure do all the updates for your operating system as indicated in the Symantec write up.

    If you look in the Antivirus and Spyware forums you'll find many recommendations of software to install to keep this from happening again.

    Also check the Firewall forum for recommendations on those as well.

    Good luck.
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    Check for msrtwd.exe running. We had an infestation of a spybot variant that would also leave a complete attack log as c:\debug.crf. Stinger cleaned the systems and we even had fully updated NortonAV!! Obviously the systems were lacking on a few patches, SUS took care of that.

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