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Thread: Download Antionline

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    Download Antionline

    Please can any one suggest a way by which I can download All the Software,Tutorials,..... and all the good stuff <Exept Forum> I would be highly thankful to him.
    Please mail me at arun011[at]gmail.com or post here itself.

    Once again Thank You,

    Arun Bansal

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    I've closed the poll since it seems rather redundant. You can "download" all of AO by reading it (*gasp* what a concept!) and/or printing it out.

    There are also tools like wget that can retrieve pages for you but you should be able to find a nice tut here or on Google on how it works, so I'll leave that for you to discover.
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    But there is problem that i just want to download all the software and not the forum and the entire google dosent seems to have solution to my problem

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    The old fashioned way works fo me, one link at a time... You could always look into getting a 3rd party DL manager to do the trick.
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    Thanks to u
    but none is working for this site it but none is working in a apropriate manner as this site is php

    can u sugest any good dl manager


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    go to http://www.antionline.com/
    on the right hand side there is a link that says New Downloads it bring you here:
    1) then you click on each file individually and when you scroll down you will see:
    2) Click on the icon below to download this file:
    3)Click that icon choose a place to save the file and save it. then click back
    repeat steps 1-3 for each category.

    As you will notice this does the trick. While it may take you a little while to complete this you will waste less time doing this than you will asking here. Or use google to search for php download managers
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    another way, if you wanna test your brain is to write some code

    if you look in the download page you'll see that the tuts are divided up into catagories (c=6 for programming and c=4 for tutorials)


    so we know this, but its trivial. So we want the tutorials - well there all indexed somehow (I dunno how I didnt do it, but if you look at the URL, for a tutorial in that link above you get something like -


    that 68 is the indexed number of the tutorial, which links to its true URL on the forums, so with some pseudo code we can figure out a sort of program.

    for x from 1 to 100
           goto a = http://www.antionline.com/tutorials/jump.php?+"x"     //note the + x..
           wait for a bit to let it download
           d = get url of current page
           dwn = download(d)
           fwrite(somefile, dwn)
    thats such a basic example, I know you could knock this together in python in a few hours with no experience.

    I hope this method isnt deemed unethical,


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    perl via lwp
    tools such as blackwidow

    I would check the site policies to see if and how they allow users to get content via automation. You might also want to check out robots.txt for the site (if it exists, I haven't checked) since that is usually the automation "play nice" policy.
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    I have found a good <infact very good software> To download websites.
    And I have started downloading the website(s)


    If any one wants please mail me


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    www.astalavista.net not altavista.net

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