Hey Hey,

First off, welcome to the new Forum... I think we can have a lot of fun with this and still have it be quite informative... Now bow down before me.. you're great and powerful mod... err... wait... I'm still just me. Ok so I'm not that funny... but luckily I have no life so I should be able to keep a rather close eye on this forum.

My Vision for this is a repository of ongoing scams and phishing attempts so that non-AOers can benefit from our vast knowledge base. I've spoken to a few members who have some rather interesting threads that they plan on posting in the future, that will be informative and fun to read.

What to expect:

Information on current scams and phishing attempts.
Information on the basic ideas behind different types of scams and phishing attempts.
Methods of contacting the authorities/those who can help. (more to come in another thread)
Actions against scammers/phishers (is phishers proper??).
Anthing else we can fit into this category.

What not to expect:

Abuse... verbal or emotion.... although I can't protect you against physical abuse (unless you in nearby and want to pay for protection.)
Off-topic Discussions/posts... A little side banter doesn't hurt... but I'm telling you right now that if you post something that in no way contributes... I will delete it. (Hopefully I'll only delete the post and not the whole thread...which I've already been warned about).
Anything else that we collectively decide we don't want to see.. I'd personally like to see people typing in here replace explitives with special characters rather than typing the full word...Avoidance of those words is of course better, but if you can't refrain please mark it hidden or use the special characters... or better yet both.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this.... It's going to be a wild ride.