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Thread: Phish/Scam Contact Directory.

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    Phish/Scam Contact Directory.

    Hey Hey,

    I'm going to make this a sticky and see how it goes for a little while. My basic goal of this thread is to make our own online phonebook... We'll list associations that fight phishing and scamming... contact information, websites, anything of that sort of nature. We'll also list legal associations that you can contact if you've been scammed, or experience a scam... police agencies, lawyers specializing in the subject... Anything that might help someone contact the correct people as quickly as possible.

    I've seen quite a few of these posted lately, however I'm going to refrain from posting the ones I've seen... At least for a couple of days. I'd rather let the original posters bring them to us to create some forum activity and so that credit will be given where deserved..

    Anything that isn't specifically contact type information or that doesn't benefit this thread directly will be deleted... I want this thread to remain as clean as possible and to be very direct and to the point...

    Suggested Template:
    Name of Organization:
    Contact Name/Mailing Address:
    Phone Number:
    Description of Organization/Site:
    IT Blog: .:Computer Defense:.
    PnCHd (Pronounced Pinched): Acronym - Point 'n Click Hacked. As in: "That website was pinched" or "The skiddie pinched my computer because I forgot to patch".

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    Name of Organization: Bank Safe Online
    Website: http://www.banksafeonline.org.uk/
    Contact Name/Mailing Address: reports@banksafeonline.org.uk
    Description of Organization/Site: UK banking website to report phishing scams and links to curruent scams
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    Anti-Phishing Working Group

    Name of Organization: Anti-Phishing Working Group
    Website: http://www.antiphishing.org/index.html
    Contact Name/Mailing Address: reportphishing@antiphishing.org
    Description of Organization/Site:
    The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is the global pan-industrial and law enforcement association focused on eliminating the fraud and identity theft that result from phishing, pharming and email spoofing of all types.

    APWG Members
    - 1110+ members
    - 700+ companies & agencies
    - 8 of the top 10 US banks
    - 4 of the top 5 US ISPs
    - Hundreds of technology vendors
    - National & provincial law enforcement worldwide
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    Name of Organization: PhoneBusters
    WebSite: http://www.phonebusters.com
    Contact Name/Mailing Address:
    Box 686
    North Bay, Ontario P1B 8J8
    Email Address: info@phonebusters.com
    Established in January of 1993, PhoneBusters is a national anti-fraud call centre jointly operated by the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. PhoneBusters plays a key role in educating the public about specific fraudulent telemarketing pitches. The call centre also plays a vital role in the collection and dissemination of victim evidence, statistics, documentation and tape recordings which are made available to outside law enforcement agencies

    The original mandate of PhoneBusters was to prosecute key individuals in Ontario and Quebec involved in telemarketing fraud under the Criminal Code of Canada. Our mandate now also includes facilitating prosecution by United States agencies through extradition, and by the Competition Bureau under the Competition Act.

    PhoneBusters is the central agency in Canada that collects information on telemarketing, advanced fee fraud letters (Nigerian letters) and identity theft complaints. The information is disseminated to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The data collected at PhoneBusters is a valuable tool in evaluating the effects of various types of fraud on the public. It also helps to prevent future similar crimes from taking place.
    They have a seperate email address solely for the nigerian scams --- wafl@phonebusters.com
    IT Blog: .:Computer Defense:.
    PnCHd (Pronounced Pinched): Acronym - Point 'n Click Hacked. As in: "That website was pinched" or "The skiddie pinched my computer because I forgot to patch".

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    Visa askvisa@visa.com
    U.S. Bancorp fraud_help@usbank.com
    Citibank emailspoof@citigroup.com
    SunTrust http://www.suntrust.com/common/security/fraudform.asp
    Wells Fargo http://www.wellsfargo.com/privacy_se...d/report.jhtml
    Bank of America abuse@bankofamerica.com
    Citizens Bank 1-800-922-9999
    Barclays Bank internetsecurity@barclays.co.uk
    Halifax and Bank of Scotland (HBOS) onlineemailinvestigations@hbosplc.com
    Postbank NL postbank@postbank.nl
    Westpac Banking Corporation operationssupport@westpac.com.au
    mediarelations@saps.org.za or hq.commercial@saps.org.za

    UK secretariat@icstis.org.uk ICSTIS guidelines
    Australia tissc@tissc.com.au TISSC code of practice
    Germany info@fst-ev.org
    Austria: rtr@rtr.at (www.rtr.at/)
    Solomon Islands: commerce@commerce.gov.sb (www.commerce.gov.sb/)
    Seychelles Islands: telecoms@seychelles.net (www.seychelles.net/)
    St. Helena: patricia@sainthelena.gov.sh (www.sainthelena.gov.sh/)
    Kiribati: mict@tskl.net.ki, tkl@tskl.net.ki (www.tskl.net.ki/)
    Commonwealth Telecoms Organisation: info@cto.int (www.cto.int/)
    Belgium: georges.denef@bipt.be (www.bipt.be/)
    Italy: info@agcom.it (www.agcom.it/)
    Spain: dcpre@cmt.es (www.cmt.es/)
    US: gtristan@fcc.gov (www.fcc.gov/)
    Chile: mtt@mtt.cl (www.mtt.cl/)

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    RECOL.ca - Reporting Economic Crime On-Line

    Name of Organization: RECOL.ca - Reporting Economic Crime On-Line

    Website: http://www.recol.ca/

    Contact Name/Mailing Address: Online reporting: http://www.recol.ca/
    Telephone support:Toll Free: 1888-495-8501

    Description of Organization/Site:
    Reporting Economic Crime Online (RECOL) is an initiative that involves an integrated partnership between International, Federal and Provincial Law Enforcement agencies, as well as, with regulators and private commercial organizations that have a legitimate investigative interest in receiving a copy of complaints of economic crime.

    USER CONTROLLED CONSENT is required to direct fraud complaints to the appropriate law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

    RECOL will recommend the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agency and/or private commercial organization for potential investigation.

    RECOL provides real time data pertaining to the current fraud trends. It also provides support for education, prevention and awareness of economic crime.
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    Phish/Scam Contact Directory

    they are very picky, you have to get on the plane and meet them.

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