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Thread: Security Logs Access Denied

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    Lightbulb Security Logs Access Denied

    I am looking for a possible solution to a ongoing problem I have been facing.

    I have two w2k servers (SP4) that are not allowing me to view the Security Logs (event logs).

    I receive the error message "a required privilege is not held by the client" when attempting to access the security logs.

    I have verified local group policy and domain gp and ensured the local and domain administrator is allowed access to these logs. Is there anything else that could allow access to these areas. I am able to view all other event log topics except security.

    I am able to boot the server using my ERD Commander disk and then copy the security event log to another folder. After restarting the server, I can open file and view all events without an issue. While this option does exist, it is a pain to schedule an outage and bring a server down for 5 minutes.

    All items on Microsoft's website and google indicate ensuring I have permissions set in the gp module should be enough.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated
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    While you may have set the policy to allow yourself to view the logs you need to make sure that your account has permissions to the:-


    folder. The policy is over-ridden by the NTFS permissions.
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