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Thread: Penguin Daily - gore looks at the news

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    Penguin Daily - gore looks at the news

    I got bored so as usual I'll entertain some people:


    This is awesome. HP is making Linux server with 64 processors!

    Damn man I would LOVE one ! Vim would start up before I typed it!

    Hewlett-Packard is working to take Linux into several new areas of the server market, including 64-processor servers, the company is expected to announce Wednesday, shortly before a major Linux trade show.

    The company said in January that it supported Linux on 16-processor Integrity Itanium servers. Now through a program called BigTux, HP is working to build support for 64-processor Integrity Superdome models into the two prevailing versions of Linux sold today from Red Hat and Novell, said Martin Fink, HP's vice president of Linux. Fink is expected to give a keynote address next week at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in Boston.

    Silicon Graphics already sells Linux servers with a single copy of Linux running on as many as 2,048 processors in extreme cases. Doing so requires a specialized variation of mainstream Linux; SGI distributes a modified version of Red Hat's Linux called the SGI Advanced Linux Environment.



    Michael Robertson Unveils Linux Music Service, Home Media Hub

    At 6:30 AM PST, Robertson, CEO of the desktop Linux firm Linspire, will unveil MP3Tunes.com, his first digital music product in four years. His last foray, MP3.com, had an Icarus-like trajectory, once enjoying a $65 per share stock price before being felled by hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuit payouts and swallowed by Vivendi Universal, one of the conglomerates that originally filed copyright infringement lawsuits against the company.


    GNOME 2.10 reaches beta

    Wood said there will only be one more stable release in the GNOME 2 series as developers have started thinking about what to put in the next major release, GNOME 3.

    GNOME 3 is likely to be significantly different from previous versions as developers will no longer maintain backward-compatibility with all versions of the desktop in the GNOME 2 branch, said Wood. The first version of the GNOME 2 branch, GNOME 2.0, was released in June 2002.

    "2.10 is still largely compatible with 2.0," said Wood. "If you keep the same API's there's not much scope to improve it [GNOME] further."

    KDE wants to play in Windows:


    KDE getting ready to go native on Windows

    A native Windows port for KDE's graphical framework is under development and could help the Linux desktop environment attract Microsoft users, but some fear the move will harm Linux

    The Linux desktop environment KDE is moving a little closer to Microsoft Windows as developers ready a release of QT, the KDE graphical framework, that will run natively on the proprietary operating system.

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    hmmm SO that's why Mp3.com suxors now.
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