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Thread: Experts predict Firefox spyware will show up this year

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    zencoder - damn - I would I'd paid more attention now to the bugzap message. I think it was an update but not completely sure.

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    Of course this will happen. its just like people saying that *nix/mac has no virusis and winows sucks becasue it does. THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THESE THINGS GO FOR MASS!!!! which ever program has the higest amount of users is the one they focus on. when firefox was not popular they didnt target its exploits. EVERY PROGRAM HAS EXPLOITS!!! If windows were to disappear, and Mac became the most popular, then Macs would have tons of virusis. same thing here. and if/when google comes out with a browser and everyone switches to that, then IT will have tons of spyware.

    I dont understand why people dont get this concept. yes, some programs are written better then others, but its impossible for one person to write a piece of "perfect" code. even if its a group of people testing the code, looking for holes, they are bound to miss one. and that one missed glitch will be exploited by one of the thousands of people that write spywar/virii/etc.
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    Programs have bugs, or issues, as they are commonly called, which is the result of their being made by people, which are also not perfect. The main issue with spyware is that entirely too many people are unaware of how they get it, and not to mention the fact that some types are entirely too easy to develop. Google has a large amount of potential for datamining, which I'm positive that they already use anyway. A search engine is only as good as the relevance of the data, and because of this they need to maintain what data is relevant to the most people in order to make that a priority. This is known as job security. The potential risks of this activity are phenomenal. Because of the massive amounts of information maintained by the people at Google, it is entirely possible that if their system were compromised millions of people would have information available to people who don't really need it or have the real right to access it. Gmail accounts, etc. will all be included in this. If users are afraid of spyware, I have one solution, use a text based browser such as lynx. Ohh and another thing, firefox happens to be open source and the development of it is much faster and more active than it is for IE. So that if some code is found to be vulnerable they could, in theory, patch it to fix that portion of the code before the vulnerability to spyware could be taken advantage of. One thing that it is important to remember is that Firefox moves at the speed of open source and IE moves at the speed of snails.

    Every piece of software that has/will ever be made will have bugs, lots of them, its the speed with which they are dealt that makes all the difference

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    Every piece of software that has/will ever be made will have bugs, lots of them, its the speed with which they are dealt that makes all the difference
    Agreed, and to shorten the patch development/release process in the vulnerability cycle it looks like open source is the edge FF has on IE. When FF gets pounded with spyware, it will be a great test and example that the open source patching process is indeed an advantage over being closed source.

    Hi zencoder

    Of course I know about Adwords! However thats the least of the dataming use it can have. Heres the progression I've seen with google:

    1. Google Search engine
    Now google can see whats hot and whats not through searches and mine marketing information and sell it. That alone is almost priceless.

    2. Google Toolbar
    Now google can see every site you visit when you have pagerank enabled. Every request you make is replayed to google.

    3. GMail
    Now google can mine information from your emails. PLUS: they can link your IP from step 1 and 2 to a email, and demographic information. They require cookies, so there really is no avoiding it unless you do all your google searching with a proxy and cookies blocked (too paranoid for me however)

    Right now, I believe 1 and 2 are being heavily mined and the product is being sold to somebody, however I don't have proof of it (that doesn't mean I think they are hiding it, I just haven't looked). I don't think GMail searches through everyones emails... however it is perfectly legal, and if for some reason they need to start making huge amounts of cash they can shouldn't have any legal problems doing so (don't quote me on the legalities of it, not quite sure about their EULA or AUP or whatever)

    Millions and millions of dollars is a pretty good way to convince someone to turn to the "darkside". Lets see how Google can handle it.

    Google desktop doesn't send anything back to home base (I checked it myself )

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