What most annoying of having a map drive name "Shared on 'FS-MTL' (K)". While, now you can change those name! I'll show 2 ways.

First is a VB code

PHP Code:
mDrive "Letter:\"
Set oShell = CreateObject("
oShell.NameSpace(mDrive).Self.Name = "
Or you can directly go the edit the registry.

In the registry, go to follow key (This is user base)


You'll see a few folder name ##server##sharedname.

Open the folder you want and created a name REG_SZ key and name it "_LabelFromReg". In the data, enter the new map name. Refresh your Explorer and the name will be change.

This name is NOT link to the letter. It's link to the shared! If you disconnect and reconnect to that share using another letter after, the name will be the same.

Good Luck.