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Thread: Post in your blog, get fired?

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    Talking Post in your blog, get fired?

    I read an interesting article about firings over entries in blogs. According to this story


    Mark Jen, a blogger whose candid comments about life on the job at Google sparked controversy last month, has left the company.

    "Mark is no longer an employee at Google," a Google representative said in response to an inquiry Tuesday. Efforts to reach Jen for comment were not immediately successful.

    Jen's departure comes less than a month after he joined Google as part of a wave of new hires and began recording his impressions of his new employer, including criticisms, in his blog.
    Seems like his is not the only one. According to the same article, other employees got fired because of blogs and posting things companies do not want others to know or show:

    In one recent dispute, a Delta Air Lines flight attendant lost her job after posting photos of herself in uniform on her blog.

    A Microsoft contractor lost his job last year after he took some pictures of Apple G5 computers being unloaded onto the software company's campus and posted them to his blog.
    Now, I am all for free speech, but also people need to think about what they post. The thing is, yes, you are allowed to say whatever you want, but there are cosequences to what you say, and in this case, post. Companies have non disclosure agreements, do not want scandals to arise, nor see employees post "dirty laundry".

    Where is the line drawn though? These people had a common tale: They were fired without warning, and the question here is, are companies going too far?
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    Nice post, I saw that google article in a trade magazine last week. Here's where I draw my line...

    You embarrass me or my company on a public website, your fired. If I like you and think you are a good guy, I may warn you. But I don't have too, because you are free to go work anywhere else, without written notice, and if you want to stick your head in your ass and make a fool, then I have the right (just like you) to terminate.
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    You are free to say whatever you want about a company. That company is free to terminate your employment. How is this a first amendment issue, they didn't silence him they just got rid of an employee that was obviously unhappy with his employment. Look unless the company is doing something illegal, be careful about what you release to the public. If you complain they will very rightly fire you.
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