Hi all, some time ago i was browsing thru slahdot archives and come to this article CRT Eavesdropping: Optical Tempest. This article describes that how leds could be helpful in extracting information from computer systems. On further research i find CRT Eavesdropping with Photodetectors and eckbox . These articles demonstrate the phenomena of evesdropping on digital signals. Does some body here knows any recent activity about this project as i want to demonstrate it myself. Oh !!! one thing last night i was browsing thru Johnny Long's photos/arts link i came across
on doing some further research i came across this http://www.shmoocon.org/program.html (check for "The Secret Lives of Photons") and i think that above pictures are related to this phenomena of evsdropping. Does anybody has any solid diagram or architecture for making this kind of device as i want to experiment it myself and let others benefit from it.