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    Just out of interest, what on earth did you expect to happen when you modified the Dword value in disableregistrytools??

    Disable the registry tools by any chance??
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    I think the OP's got the message about messing around with the Registry without knowing what you're doing. Every tweak that I've seen comes with the "Health Warning" to backup and be very careful what you're doing. I hope that the solutions posted here help to resolve the problem.

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    I just use http://www.resplendence.com/reglite it gets around all that.

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    hi Guys

    while doing that i know that i cant open registry editor again but i want 2 know that is theres anyother way around.Without doing something you cant learn isnt. I use windows 98 only for learning things i didnt install any program or data in it.i was just learning the things and thats what i do with windows 98

    Thanks for ur support

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    Did you try the Safe Mode? If you didn't, its time to do it.

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    while doing that i know that i cant open registry editor again but i want 2 know that is theres anyother way around
    What did you do? You need to be rather specific since we're not right there with you at the computer.
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    hey.......... simple is this

    registry is constitute of 'user.dat' and 'system.dat' in "windows" folder......
    delete these two files and restart ...... u will get a message.... instead pressing 'OK' press 'ctrl+alt+del'........
    voila, every thing is over!

    (as smrt as ever..!)

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    Oi! behave yourself, he just might be stupid enough.......................

    Ack! Phtttt!

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    I disabled the regedit program by making changes in the registry.


    Replacing your registry with the backup copy

    Your system always keeps a backup copy of your registry configuration (including user account information, protocol bindings, software program settings, and user preferences). You can use the backup copy if your current registry encounters a problem.

    Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information > Tools > Registry Checker


    Edit: Well maybe this should have been posted a little bit sooner...
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