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Thread: Soalris - command tracking

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    Soalris - command tracking

    Hey guys

    I am going on vacation next week and another administrator is going to take my place administering our two Solaris8 servers. I am not very confident in this guys abilities to take control of the system while I am away. I don't want to come back to a pile of headaches.

    Is there any way that I could track the commands and\or changes that the administrator will be using while he is logged in for that week? There is only two user\admin accounts on the box, root and oracle. He will have access to both while im away.


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    That sounds like a bad idea. You don't have a laptop or something so you can administer it remotely? You sound very doubtful of this guy, can't you find someone else? As for keeping track of commands, there should be a history file somewhere, it differs depending on the shell. Bash uses .bash_history. It just sounds really sketchy to me. The way you make him out I'd say you'd be better off leaving the server unattended. If you've set it up well it should self service for a week. Maybe setup some scripts to email you logs or something, idk. You're an admin you're supposed to know these things.

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    Make sure you have auditing turned on and it shouldn't be an issue.

    EDIT: Trying to be more helpful:

    I am assuming you have a recent version of Solaris (8-10). Do a 'man audit' for starters. You might also look at http://www.sun.com/bigadmin/ . They have alot of tutorials and scripts there that would be helpful in turning on the process/user auditing.

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