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Thread: proactive protection

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    proactive protection

    I have a computer troubleshoot\repair business on the side and I clean tons of spyware off of users computers. It seems like 90% of my residential calls are related to PC that are just infested with this crap! Not like im complaining, $$$$$$$ )

    I have been asked numerous times about what these people can do to stop this stuff from killing their computers. The obvious answer is just stop downloading crap, opening attachments, clicking 'YES' & 'OK' on pop messages when asked to install sw, etc. But that is not always easy when these people have kids that will do whatever they want whenever they want. Especially now-a-days with downloading music and things being such a big part of a kids live.

    Let me get to the point here, im asking what you guys out there tell these users when proposed that question. Also, is there any GOOD proactive sw that will run on the pc to prevent the installation of know spyware.



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    best software to stop a spyware from infecting your computer are

    1. Firefox (browser) (best way to beat spyware as of now)
    2. Get microsoft antispyware beta (has real time protection)
    3. A nice anti-virus protection (don't forget to update it, I mean tell your customer's that) <--- even some anti-virus vendor's have added spyware scanning and cleaning to their anti-virus software but this is not as good as an anti-spyware programe.
    4. A nice firewall (Sygate, zonealarm and outpost pick your choice) &lt;-- only for security not much for spyware problem.
    5. Get either spybot or ad-aware any on of them as backup for spyware removal.

    last but most important UPDATE WINDOWS. &lt;--- very IMPORTANT STAGE.

    over this if you want little extra protection,

    ask your customer's to surf the internet using a LIMITED RIGHTS ACCOUNT and not administrator account and always to delete temp file's after they are done surfing.
    a good programe here is www.ccleaner.com

    also to change their internet security setting's to high and tell them to turn ON download if they have changed their setting's to high.

    Hope this help's
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    depepnding one what kind of money you want to spend (or your clients) deepfreeze is a great piece of software. downlod all the spyware you want and as soon as you estart...POOF its gone.
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    Here's one link to show them.


    It lays it out pretty straightforward.
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    oh, also adaware professional edition is pro active.
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    while most of the options given to you are great programs MOST aren't proactive. The best solution I have used and found is a program called Spy Sweeper... http://www.webroot.com/products/spysweeper/ its a fairly inexpensive solutions as well (29.99).

    I usually tell clients if they download or install kazaa or anyother p2p program that I no longer will warranty my work. That usually does wonders. Tell them if they are worried about their kids to get something like netnanny so they cant access a lot of those sites.
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    Remember: detection is not the same as prevention. Some tools just detect, others prevent, and others do both.

    My standard build (on NO BUDGET...FREE TOOLS):

    Preventing Spyware:

    Detecting and Removing Spyware:
    *Use at LEAST 2

    A very good commercial (re $$) program is Spy Sweeper by Webroot (mentioned in this thread).

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