Now they are going for gov't sites.

Ministry of Transportation, Ontario

The Ministry of Transportation has recently learned that a fraudulent e-mail is being sent to members of the public. It contains a link to a web page which looks similar to the Ministry of Transportation website. It states that the ministry is updating its licence database system and requests that the recipient confirm driver licence information such as name, address and driver's licence number.

Do not comply with this fraudulent request. This email was not sent by the Ministry of Transportation.

We are investigating this situation. The police have been notified. Do not, under any circumstances, respond to this e-mail. If you receive further e-mails from the same source, or anyone you know receives a similar e-mail, please notify the Licensing Administration Office at and attach the suspect e-mail to your correspondence.

To safeguard your security we recommend prudence when communicating personal information in e-mail or online. The Internet is not always a secure communications vehicle.

The Government of Ontario is committed to privacy protection. The safety and integrity of personal information are top priorities. Ontario's e-government services are built on secure technologies and processes to ensure privacy. We do not tolerate any misuse of your personal information.