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Thread: What do you think?

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    What do you think?

    Hello All:

    I have been tasked to explain why network security measures are in place where I work. To do this I must have an article ready for the companies quarterly news letter within the next few weeks.

    Please take a look at the attached and be as critical as you want. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

    I'm also thinking of mentioning AO - Thoughts?

    Thanks all - Dino

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    i would say cut the story and start with the definition of a hacker part. the story is interesting but it seems to have little relevance as to why people cant download files.
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    The relevance I am trying to show relates to the new security measures and upgrades and why they are necessary. Answering the common question, "Why do we need this stuff? We didn't need it before".

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    Hi Dino

    I have been tasked to explain why network security measures are in place where I work
    (...) quarterly news letter
    First of all, I think it is a good idea to give you a company platform to "justify"
    security measures in place. That is not common practice everywhere (as if I would know ).
    But the main point is, that such an opportunity should be constantly repeated.

    General considerations

    I need to define a framework in order to be able to criticize your text.

    When I write an article/talk/..., I try to ask myself a couple of questions:
    1) What is the (political, personal, job'al) importance?
    2) What is my audience?
    3) What is the publication medium?
    4) What do I [have to] write about?
    5) The introduction: Is it clear and motivated what the article is about?
    6) The conclusion: Is the message clearly summarised to the point?

    Why do I do this? To motivate the main points:

    The level of importance helps me to assign my time to that article. How much effort should I
    The knowledge of the audience enables me to adjust my language (difficulty, technicalities, ...)
    and, even more important, the way I have to motivate the reader to actually read further.

    Usually, people read the introduction and the conclusion of an article - it is the same during
    a talk: When they do not get the idea right in the beginning, you have lost them. There are
    ways to catch their attention again during a talk, but not in an article. The only way to get
    them back is the conclusion.

    About your article

    You have a good way to write: In one shot, I read it from the beginning right to the end without
    skipping anything. You mention a few good points - of course, one might find other important
    aspects and issues, but completeness is not a point here: Provide enough "arguments" and "justifications"
    of the security measure in place (Points 1-3 are fine ), being entertaining at the same time.

    However, I would not be able to deduce the actual working-"topic" of the text - I first thought
    you are giving an interview about yourself. Sure, it is interesting and impressive - but that's not
    the goal. I am talking about point 4) in my list. It has been mentioned - skip the introduction as
    it is. Ad 5, the reader should know, after 2-3 sentences of your article, that you have not implemented
    the security measure to go on their nerves, but to prevent whatsoever.
    Stories are a good way to get peoples attention. But rather than telling stories about your experience
    in the computer business, why not citing stories about companies not having such measures in place.
    I am sure, there are plenty of them out there (start a thread here on AO about that, this might
    be funny). For example: I once heard of a security consulting company, which had an active warez-ftp
    server in their own network - on an owned box... Finally, the conclusions - they are fine, in my opinion.

    And do not forget the length of the article ... people often have not the time to read rigmarole stories
    Me being the best example - what do you think - how many people are reading a text like this from the
    beginning to the end?

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    I liked it, it made an interesting read .......................BUT !!

    I'd take sec_ware's advice, and put more emphasis on the company, as in, where you change from your details, add extra details with regard to the audience / company.

    HOW the security in place works?

    WHY it's needed ?

    WHAT these security measures mean ? [again, in regard to the audience / company / [L]user performance / PC usage]
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    sec_ware: Thanks - After I re read my article you are correct. The working topic is not apparent.

    Since I tried to show the need for security and foxyloxey asked what was the need. Time for an Edit. Thanks again all for the help.


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