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    URL Masking / Domain Masking

    Sorry guys, haven't been on in a while and I couldn't find what I needed in the archives.

    My Question:

    I bought the domain name: TEST123.COM

    My Friend Owns: TEST124 & Has it hosted.

    He Designated www.TEST124.com/TEST123 to me.

    I want to link to my site on www.TEST124.com/TEST123, but I want people to think they are still searching Test123.com. Is there any way to do this?

    or would this be Domain Masking? I see a bunch of sites selling this service, is it not possible to do yourself?

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    Hi Info Tech Geek,

    I read your other post too and seeing as you still haven't received a response I figured I'd give it a try...I hope this puts you in the right direction...

    Google Search: URL Masking tutorials

    this might help too...

    Google Search: Domain Masking tutorials

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    try mod_rewrite for apache?

    you said that your friend has it hosted, as opposed to he is hosting it. in that case, you may not be able to use this, though it's probably what you are looking for.

    i love these quotes.

    This module provides a rule-based rewriting engine to rewrite requested URLs on the fly.

    ``The great thing about mod_rewrite is it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail. The downside to mod_rewrite is that it gives you all the configurability and flexibility of Sendmail.''
    -- Brian Behlendorf
    Apache Group

    `` Despite the tons of examples and docs, mod_rewrite is voodoo. Damned cool voodoo, but still voodoo. ''
    -- Brian Moore
    Hmm...theres something a little peculiar here. Oh i see what it is! the sentence is talking about itself! do you see that? what do you mean? sentences can\'t talk! No, but they REFER to things, and this one refers directly-unambigeously-unmistakably-to the very sentence which it is!

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    Unless he owns the whole server (or has access to do a lot of management of his account with his host and the domains/subdomains he has linked to his account), I don't think you can do what you're wanting to do easily and for free.

    You can *try* to have your friend convince his web host to add a virtual host under his account for your website, though. Then point your nameserver at his host, and with the virtual host set you can have your website be hosted through him.

    Otherwise you'd likely be using a solution like *.tk where they have an index.html that loads the URL you provide in a frame (making the address bar look like it's at test123.tk or something). Here you wouldn't need to buy a domain, just get a free *.tk address and point it at test124/test123

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    u can make an account on www.No-ip.com and point it to the point u want in ur friend site
    like if the url is >>> http://test124.com/test123
    and u bought test123.com
    it will be as test123.com

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    or try Using .htaccess
    take a look :

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    If your friend has a Control Panel you should be able to addon a domain. Specifically with Cpanel.

    I host several sites on my server in texas with Cpanel and if I give the user the abilit to create a adon domain on there package they can host a whole nother domain. But if you don't have Cpanel, thats pretty much useless to you.

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    yes make a : parked domain in the Cpanel

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