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Thread: richard stallman's lecture

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    richard stallman's lecture

    well richard stallman came telling us bout free software and all
    what was interesting was the way he seemdd to be p!ssed of at linus for the whole *nix thing
    he wanted to hammer into our head that *nix should be called GNU+Linux
    and that "linus only made the kernel "

    for a genuis he seemed to have a hell of an attitude problem ( i think but it might have been cause of jet lag or somthing who knows )
    well thats that any one interested in knowing things about him should know this
    1 he hates windows cause it doesnt give users freedom
    2 he hates bieng called an open source activist

    ps: is it true that XP 's code was posted online

    also he sadi that XP is spyware is it...........?
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    I can distill a couple of question from your post..

    1. Why is RMS (stallman) so keen on people saying GNU/Linux instead of just Linux.

    2. Was XP's source code posted online..

    3. Is XP spyware..

    I'll try to answer them for you..

    1. http://www.gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html
    Most operating system distributions based on Linux as kernel are basically modified versions of the GNU operating system. We began developing GNU in 1984, years before Linus Torvalds started to write his kernel, and we developed a larger part of the resulting system than any other project. In fairness, we ought to get equal mention.

    Calling the system GNU/Linux recognizes the role that our idealism played in building our community, and helps the public recognize the practical importance of these ideals.
    2. I thought it was only NT4 and 2000, but hey.. XP is just 2000 with some added eyecandy.. http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/p...dowssource.asp

    3. Depends on your deffenition of spyware..
    RMS thinks it is, because of the data Windows sends to Microsoft (by default).
    But I'll let people that know WIndowsXP better then me answer this one..
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    also he sadi that XP is spyware is it?
    You decide, moron.

    Freedom? How hard is it for people to ripp-off some code from rookit.com and play around with it? Pfffft come'mon... And who the heck would want to be called names all day? Its bound to get annoying eventually.

    People need to stop confusing things. And people need to stop reffering to adware as "spyware". There is a big difference when real-one, media player, MSN messenger, & (ect) shows flashy banner like "features" as opposed to lets say... sniffers, keyloggers, the mindless monocultural(-ish) ways of every user out there... but that expands beyong OS styles, and how about those software flaws. But in reality they don't need to put anything into the OS anyways... just think about the millions of mindless and easy to control users who use hotmail... or even that lame search engine. I bet there are people who actually use that thing and what are the odds that they are pretty dumb 'eh?

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    I wasn't going to post but well, I can't Let Richard get misunderstood like this:

    OK, The reason for his "Attitude" on Linux is because well, A kernel called Linux was made after Richard was already making GNU and it was almost 10 years he had been going at it. Now if you work on something for ten years so people can have freedom, and then someone takes all of your hard work and makes it seem easy and NO ONE seems to care why or how you made GNU, you're going to be upset. I have to stand up for him because the couple times I've talked to him he was always cool to me.

    He has a point that Linux should be called GNU because he did in fact make the other tools in it.

    I however usually just say I use "Slackware" for an OS, or whatever distro, because it's a happy medium.

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    well all I am trying to say is that he is brilliant and so well he shouldnt have to care who gets the credit for "slack-ware" after all that guy is a genius but then again I havent developed any large softwares and so cant say what its like if some one else gets the credit for writing the libs , while every one ignres the fact that i made the lang ( i am trying to make a comparison)
    So I mean I respect the man and his work but more interested in the whole XP source (found a mention of it in gamespy) some days back

    thanx for trying to clarify it though
    anything that doesn\'t kill you or your dreams only makes you stronger

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