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Thread: Bluetooth and WLAN monitoring/tracking Products

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    Bluetooth and WLAN monitoring/tracking Products

    Anyone know of a product that does both and kind of pinpoints where the location of the place in question?

    I found one product Red Detect. That does it but I have never heard of the company before. Are there any other companies out there that have similar products? I looked at airespace. But it doesn't really do much with bluetooth...and Air Defense and Cisco can only identify Bluetooth as a source of interference. Their solution will not triangulate on the location of the source. Is there any other products out there that you can recommend me looking into? That combine both technologies?

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    Hey earthbound4u, I didn't answer right away because my answer isn't the one you want.

    I am unfamiliar with any utility that does both 802.11 & Bluetooth scanning. I am familiar with several 802.11 scanners/sniffers, and I've played a tad with bluetooth, but I don't know anything that does both.

    Netstumbler (ministumbler for PocketPC), Kismet, Airsnort, Aeropeek, Airmagnet are probably some of the more common open source and COTS utilities.

    Sorry I don't have more info, but I just don't know bluetooth THAT well, and it sounds like that is somewhat important to your query.
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    I maybe wrong but, I don't think bluetooth and Wifi will work together at the same time. I know that you can buy hardware with both technologies built in these days. AFAIK they have to be run separately. which would mean neading separate utilities.

    Also to id the location of devices (I think this is what you are after), you would nead two DF (direction find) pieces of hardware at the minimum and three to be acurate at any distance (It has been a while since i was involved with the technology)...........Unless you use GPRS..................but then you would nead to be at the location to find it.
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