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    To Negative

    Why did you close that thread? First of all, you let a whole bunch of people get very personal with me for days. Mercy beaucoup!So don't tell me it's because of that. I'm only defending myself. And aside from the flaming war, there were some good points floating around back and forth...you just killed it.
    Second..don't tell me your months in texas has changed your political views. You have written a bunch of posts that were coming from a pretty european point of view. We have had numerous conversations in the past and your views weren't so different then mine. I'm surprised you didn't drop your 2 cents. But you know, let the entire AO community go against me, and keep your personal opinions on the subject to yourself because you don't wanna look bad like I did in front of them. Your judgement as a moderator sucks.

    BTW, you wanna do some real work, get me access to my old account because i can't seem to find my old password and I don't have access to my old email anymore... or maybe you decide you gotta ban me altogether. Let's see. Au revoir!

    Truly Yours,

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    I didn't let anyone get personal with you - you did by posting.
    The only points I saw floating around back and forth (and forth and back ad nauseam) were the same ones, over and over again (yes, ad nauseam) - not just from you.
    And I didn't know I was required to participate in every single thread on AO... I didn't post anything in there - not after, and not before you showed up... and it's not my job to prevent you from looking bad in front of "them".

    I don't have the authority to do the "real work" around here... I'm a mod, not an admin

    You can start a new thread complaining about how I closed this thread, but I prefer PM's (and so does the majority of this board, I think)...

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