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    before jumping into the online studies make sure to have some books (hard copies) on the issue
    these come really handy when u r not infront of a computer nad fell like reading ,hared copues tend to be more explanatory than online books,as the books u will be getting from the sites mention above^^^^^^^^^^^^provide online books which i do not find very nice
    good luck

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    my very first job was a computer job. i got it last summer when they were finishing the new school they built and they needed people to unbox and hook up the computers, WAPs and other such things. it was the easiest interveiw ever, i went in at 8:30 am did my interveiw, and at 12:00pm on the same day i got a call that said 'you got the job, you start today at 1.'
    so i worked at that all summer, mind you most of the time we were basically moving men moving all the AV equipment and computers from the old schools. Then when that job was over i got another oppertunity when our administrator asked if i wanted to help out while our best STSS (student technology support specialist) was on vacation in chicago. the first week we had to run about 6,000 feet of network cable. then during the year, i volunteered up untill a week ago, when one of the STSS had to quit because he got a bad grade or something, so now i get his pay untill he returns.
    the point is...uh...
    wait untill somone quits?
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    Thanks so much. that helps alot..

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    With myself currently studing for the CISSP cert (see https://www.isc2.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi) as my way to get some credentials for IT security I would suggest looking at the CISSP.

    I haven't seen anyone else post material about the CISSP yet (and if you did, my apologies for doulble posting). From what I know, it is the only platform independent security certification recoginzed by ISO.


    PS> You need 4 years of IT experience for the full cert. in a security related field.

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    How about ecouncil CEH

    but as other hav said most important thing is experience

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