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Thread: XP Home - XP Pro Repair?

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    XP Home - XP Pro Repair?

    Anyone ever tried this crazy idea??
    I have a non booting XP Home Edition, can't find a XP Home CD, but I still have the CD Key.
    I do have XP Pro CD... can I boot up from the XP Pro CD, pick new installation, when it finds the already existing OS, do the repair, and this way keep all the installed software on the box?
    (and then I guess I will have to get a valid Product Key for Pro...)

    Really crucial to keep all the software, so if that doesn't work I guess I will have to go on hunting down a XP Home CD...

    I'm in a bad time crunch, so thanks to any quick reply!!

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    Can't you just boot from the XP Pro CD and tell it to upgrade the Home version, rather than doing a new install and hoping that it will detect Home and that you'll be able to repair it? That way, you'll have a better OS and keep all your data...
    But then again: if you don't have the product key, you won't even be able to start the installation process.

    And in reference to your other thread: just call MS and explain the situation. If your copy isn't legal, start banging your head against the wall and call yourself stupid 50 times. I get a kick out of people having problems (especially data loss) with illegal software.

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    I get a kick out of people having problems (especially data loss) with illegal software.
    lmfao...and I thought it was only me who enjoyed this.

    I love when people bring their computers in and they need to be restored or formatted and they dont have the cd keys becasue "a friend gave it to them".
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.


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    No, I'm not enjoying it... not right now at least...! Since I've been stuck with this stupid computer for two whole days, just trying to replace a friends motherboard... joy... !

    No, the key is valid, she has the sticker on the computer case, she just lost the CD, she even still has the CD cover, just not the CD... !

    Anyway... I finally found help..! I called Computer Renissance, they burn you a copy if you come in show proof of authenticity! They only took $15 for the copy, so that was really nice!

    Didn't think it was gonna be that easy though huh??? After doing the CD repair, everything is fine, and puter finally boots up to Windows!! Try to get her all up to date, but SP2 won't even try to start isntalling.. just says: Failed! Try again.
    At least MS it providing free support for SP2 issues, but now I've been sitting on hold for over 1 hour...maaaan.. it never ends.. ! What a weekend...

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