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Thread: Overburning of CD-R(700MB)

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    Overburning of CD-R(700MB)

    Is there any software or a tweak in Nero 6 to enable overburning on a 700 MB Data CD to fir 750 - 800 MB of data? (As we can do in a Data CD {80 Min MPEG - 1 Video => 783 MB!!!)

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    Apparently...and someone can correct me if I'm wrong...audio takes less space than data...if you want to overburn data in Nero...

    You have to use the disk-at-once option, or you won't be able to overburn. Then you'll get the overburn option. Or...if you'd rather just avoid overburning altogether I believe you can buy 990MB disks.


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    Eg is quite right, you can do it.............the numbers I seem to remember are around 730Mb for data and 840 for audio.

    Your CD burner MUST SUPPORT overburning/oversizing as you are using part of the leadin/leadout area, and you have to use DAO not TAO. That means you are burning the whole disk rather than a track at a time.

    Personally I would not do it, as the quality of the media may not be so good in this additional space, and you may damage your burner (so check that out first!!!)

    For data (backups etc.) I would be more inclined to look at data compression first.

    If you must do it, I would advise:

    1. Buy good quality media
    2. Use a media scanning application afterwards to MAKE SURE that it has worked.

    As you can probably guess, I have had problems with oversized media

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    can CD-RWs be also over burn,
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