Hooray! Congratulations! Hurrah! Bravo! …to you women out there!

I’m just wondering, the computer science world did open it way back then, right? I think the best word is bringing back the women in computing…

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the topic of the declining participation of women in IT is now prominent among concerns about the future of high technology in the United States.
- I guess in the US of A, this is the latest concern, but for countries (for example in Asia) like the Philippines, a steady-growing number of female populate engaged in I.T. especially in the CALL-CENTER business, Training and Consulting.

A growing body of research suggests that there are real differences between the brains of men and women.

But a number of scholars reject the idea that women are biologically less apt to succeed in the computer science field.
applauds the idea of programs that accommodate relative computer newbies.
- Like what most AO heroes do… MOST…

encourages a new generation of potential women techies by focusing on the fundamentals of the field.
- This is the idea

So, for you MAN AND WOMAN of AO, thank you for making the cyberspace a better place to be. I enjoy being here and read, and post and learn.

Whatever your comments on this one, I could say IMO, that a JOB is a JOB, what makes you capable and worth in a task is up to you, you know it, from balls to bones (well, in case of you great women out there, “from heart to bone”).